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My first pastrami (corned beef)

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I used the knowledge presented here for my first attempt at pastrami. 3.5# point cut corned beef, which I gave a water bath for 2 hours this morning (changed the water once). I used the seasoning packet (did a quick crush in it) + lots of black pepper as my rub. Smoked it at 225-230 with apple (all I had) until it reached an IT of 185. Wrapped in foil and towel, placed in cooler for an hour. When I took it out I was so excited I forgot to check IT again. Off to the store tonight for rye, sauerkraut and some Swiss cheese!

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Looks like the best shot didn't make it in the original post:
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That is some nice looking pastrami! Where is those sammie pictures? you got to exceited and ate 'em before clicking 'em didn't you....LOL

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SB, looks scrumptious !

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Looks delicious!



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Looks good 2 hr soak is not much,how was it.


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Great looking pastrami!



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