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Ugg a boo boo

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Making Salami, I think I screwed up, I think I grabbed the wrong one at the store, I grabbed pork sausage instead of ground sausage. Didn't realize it until I was mixing it up and I couldn't figure why it was so sticky, then I checked the package, ohh great. I always fry up what's left over in the horn and barrel and man it was salty and you could really taste the citric acid that I added in right before stuffing. I hope it mellows out after smoking and sitting in the fridge for a few days...anybody ever had this happen before?
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About the only thing you might try to dilute the salt is either some sugar or maybe possibly a little apple juice. Sweet helps countermand the salt. It won't cure the problem but it might allow you to be able to eat it instead of the dog.


I hope that helps.

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Add more meat but be aware that you may need to adjust the seasonings and cure. Add some 85/15 GB

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Thanks for the ideas, but it is already stuffed and I just put it on the smoker, I'm gonna try and smoke it all day to see if that helps..
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