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Smoking some burgers tomorrow

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This will be my third time using my smoker. Im hoping to have better results than i did with the chicken. I found something online that said make 3/4" patties, and smoke them at 225f for 60-90 minutes. So i grinded the meat up just a few minutes ago. about two pounds, and added beef fat, onions, bell pepers, and some spicy BBQ sauce. Tomorrow i will add 2 eggs. Then split the mean in 2 and add a few diced habaneros to one batch.


Does this sound about right to you guys?

I just want to make sure because these burgers are wild game burgers. Of course ill be checking the internal temp before i call it good, but I just dont want them at a low temp for a long period of time for obvious reasons.


If you havent had ram. its very good. if someone told you it was beef. you wouldnt know unless you smelled it start cooking. they are stinky animals, and there meat smells as bad as they do. trying the first bite took some self persuasion after that smell sneaks up your nose when you throw it on the grill, but once its cooked it smells great! 

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I don't know anything about your question.

But I can't wait to hear how it works out, sounds good.



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Im starting to worry a bit. Today there are cold winds blowing pretty strong. hopfully they die down. or it will be tough to cook.

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Can't wait to see how this turns out.



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If the wind causes issues just smoke for a bit then finish on the grill. You will still get the great flavor.
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I`m in on this one.  Never heard of anyone making burgers out of ram.



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It sounds good to me too. How did they turn out?

Don't forget that as this was wild game that you should get the IT up to 76 C (170 F) for at least 5 minutes to be sure - a little higher than for inspected minced meats.

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They turned out great!! A little to spicy for my fiance, but everyone loved them. it took me a little work keeping the temp right, but i was able to do it!

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