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A big hello from Canada.

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Hello all,  


I'm a long time lurker and I figured it was time I created an account and added my own 2 cents.. Or a penny, as it may be.  I have a few years experience smoking... A few years of short BBQ seasons do to our Canadian winters.  That left me a lot of time to figure out the theory part of Q'n!   I've got a pretty good idea what I'm doing, and have churned out some fantastic BBQ.  At least that is what my guests/family/wife tell me.. Most of whom have never ate proper southern Q, so I take it with a grain of (Jack's old South) salt. For a setup I rock an older WSM for smaller cooks and a new Horizon offset for when I'm feeding the masses.  They both have their quirks but have never let me down.  I look forward to (finally) conversing with you fine BBQ folk!  




"If ya smoke like I smoke, then ya high like every day."    

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Welcome to SMF, Herb!


Glad you finally decided to join us!



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Hey Herb sounds like smoking season has arrived east of the rockies, time to get out smoke.  Best wishes and good smokin.

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