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Hello everyone. I live in Tampa FL.,have a buddy in Minnesota who sent me a pack of venison snack sticks last year that got me started in this addiction.So a flight to Minnesota for my first hunting trip,processing fee for the deer,shipping cost to get my meat,smoker,Grinder,slicer,stuffer,freezer,thermometers,and a ton of odds and ends from Amazon, I think I may be close to making my first piece of sausage or snack sticks.I figure that pack of snack sticks has cost me a couple thousand dollars,and countless hours of reading posts on here.Just wanted to say hello and ty to everyone that shares their knowledge,and hopefully I'll have a post soon of a successful venture into my new addiction.
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Welcome to the group!  Never done sausage or snack sticks, but I'm looking forward to your smokes!



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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you with us!



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