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Well, the smoke was a success. Twice the temp ran up to 255° and may have gone higher but I reduced the temp using the BT on my phone. Otherwise, it was 6 hours of steady 230°. I have an AMNPS arriving tomorrow and that will negate the need to feed this beast every 20-30 minutes plus add more smoke flavor. Overall I didn't miss having to feed my stick burner and constantly chase temperatures all day. The real test, for me, will be a brisket.  My goal is to be able to set it and get on with my life for the next 12 hours.
Every 20-30 minutes?i fill my chip tray and it will last 30 minutes easy but I don't want constant smoke. Once it is seasoned it will smoke without having any chips in the tray . Just my 2 cents worth
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Didn't know MES 30 came with a Bluetooth bought mine last week and it came with RF controller.
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