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Surprising Hubby for his Birthday

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Working out details to roast a pig in the ground. Have read several different ways to accomplish this, but would like additional info fomr someone who has done this. GO!....

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If you plan on doing it the ground get a backhoe to dig the pit. Way easier than doing it by shovel. We used to do them on the beach every year traditional Hawaiian style. Lots of Hot rocks, burlap, and banana leafs. If you don't have a good space, I'd recommend going the route of using cinder blocks like this:

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That is a NICE PRESENT! I am too old to mess with a Dirt Nap for a Piggy. I rent a Pig Roaster. Now with the Girls grown and starting families, I may get to Supervise the young men and go old school again some day. Do you have your Rub, Finishing Sauce and BBQ Sauces Recipes all squared away?...JJ

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Awesome birthday present!



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