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Traeger PTG

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just got a used Traeger PTG today which is like brand new. Got it home and fired it up and when I turned it to high it never got above 300 to 350... I'm I doing something wrong? I followed the instructions and I own 2 other bigger Traeger grills so I'm familiar with how they work. Just wondering if the PTG might be a problem??? Any advice?
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Hi bsnemo,


Congrats on the new grill.  I don't know a lot about Traegers in general, and know next to nothing about those tailgate models...but perhaps the controller settings need adjusted...(P - settings?)  Or maybe the RTD (chamber temp probe) is not functioning correctly.  I assume you have verified accurate chamber temps with a reliable external thermometer?  Sometimes the set temp and the actual temp inside the cooker are off by quite a bit.  I would give Traeger's Customer Service line a call and ask their assistance...I've heard they're pretty good about helping users with working through problems.


Good luck!


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Thanks Red,
I already called Tech support and it seemed the guy I was talking to wasn't very familiar with the PTG. I am going to keep testing it out and make sure I'm not doing something wrong. I'll try another thermometer too.
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