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Traeger Renegade elite

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I sat here watching the info commerical on the Traeger pellet grills I think I love this one just looking to get  little feedback here. I ejoy the Masterbuild but miss the flat open style grill. Stacking is just not cool for me LOL. I love my egg but it is to heaey to tote along. To many choices out there. Thanks up front 

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There's been more great food turned out on Traegers than any other pellet grill...mostly cuz they've been around so much longer.  I've never owned a Traeger myself, but many who do say the build quality has suffered since production went overseas.  


I wasn't familiar with that model...must be one of Traeger's newer lines.  The free shipping is a very attractive offer.  Plus, it looks like it's got some nicer features than a standard Lil' Tex or Traeger Jr., but for $750 there are other brands that might compete.  Before you buy, you might compare: Firecraft, Green Mountain Grills, Louisiana Grills, Chargriller.  And for a couple hundred more you could consider Rec Tec.


Good luck! Thumbs Up



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Cool will check them out as well

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