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Want to pull the trigger on a tappecue

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Need a thermometer and want one that will last and won't need to be upgraded when I move on to other smokers or whatever. I like the 4 probe deal which means igrill2, et735, or the tappecue. Anyone been using a tpq for awhile now. Thoughts or experience would be appreciated.
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I will be ordering the tapaque when I am back home next week so can't yet comment on how it works but everything I have read is positive. I have used my new 2 probe Igrill about 6 times in the last month and it is very accurate. However the Bluetooth range is awful which means I usually go out to the sending unit on the grill to read it manually. Since the last 2 cooks have been multiple low slow brisket that means going out to the grill in the middle of the night so I decided I don't need a .$100 manual thermometer. I am hopeful the tapaque wifi is much more reliable.
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I'm primarily on a wsm at the momen so I am torn between a guru or a tpq. I really like the 4 probes. I want something that will last and be the so called top of the line. We'll see I guess. The trigger finger doesn't stay itchy long.
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We have 2 pellet grills at 2 different house, one in a housing development and one on a river with very few neighbors and the Igrill Bluetooth doesn't work very far away or reliably at either place. Hope this helps your decision making process.
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Sorry, one more thought. You can always buy the Igrill at lowes like I did and if you don't like it you can take it back like I am going to do. Our local lowes stocks the Igrill for $99 with two probes. We shop at lowes a lot and they have never questioned any return I have made over the years.
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The Tappecue is unlike no other. Wifi, 4 probes, graphs, and very accurate. If you can afford it, you will not be disappointed. 

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I've had my Tappecue for about 2 months and love it.  I was playing golf last Sunday and noticed my Rec Tec pit temp was climbing a bit to high early in the cook and I didn't want my ribs to cook too fast, so I called home and had the girlfriend lower my smoker temp 15 degrees.  Helped me save those ribs from being overcooked.  Also love the graphing (this graph wasn't from that cook - this is some butts I cooked up a while back).


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Never knew about this tappecue,,, sure looks good, good reviews I see.... 



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