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My rub

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Ok I got a good rub buuuuut, I want the natural smoke flavor. I noticed all rubs say natural hickory smoke flavor. So I went online to do some research and found a hickory smoked salt. I also found other salts too. Does anybody here use the same stuff to get that good flavor for your rubs?
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Must be obivious answer of yes because no one has replied.
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I don't add Smoke flavor to a Rub that I will use for Smoked meat. I don't want a flavor conflict. I will however add Hickory Smoke Powder or Smoked Paprika to a Rub or BBQ Sauce that is used for burgers, dogs, grilled or baked chicken, foods I don't smoke...JJ

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Yup. Agree with JJ. Why add smoke flavor when your smoking it anyway?
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So then how are all these bqq pitmasters that have their own rubs have a natural hickory smoke flavor? I get one from bass pro called three little piggys and it's a damn good rub that have that flavor
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Most people that buy this or that guy's rub, are just putting it on Grilled or a Pork Butt going in a Crock Pot for Pulled Pork. They don't necessarily own smokers or even know how to use one. If you are going to sell your rub, are you going to market to 100,000 guys with Smokers or several MILLION folks with Grills and Crock Pots?...JJ

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True what your saying. It just I watch bqq shows and these pit masters have their rubs and sauces that they use them during their smoking, and it makes the meat look good. I do the same when I smoke or cook.
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