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I actually found some prime wild cherry trees about 25 feet into my side property line!  Twisted up and crooked, so they are no good for lumber, but around 14"- 25" diameter, its going to cost me $55 a cord to get it split, once my buddy lays them down for me.  My back is still wrecked, so I wont be cutting wood anytime soon.  If we get it stacked on some pallets, it should be good to go by early this fall.


  Other than that, I have found a local lumber mill who sells hardwood slabs for $100 a bundle.  4x4x16' so pretty much 2 cords for $100.  Not sure how fast they will burn, but most (95%) of it is oak, and not too old, so I'm thinking it may be a good deal. Worst case, It will be used to build a coal bed in the mornings.  I hate paying people to cut wood, but its hard to say what's happening with my back for the time being..