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Smoked Brisket tacos

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So I started out early this morning trimming up and seasoning a brisket. 



Then it was out to the WSM with hickory chunks. 


I had the WSM running at 230 deg for 10 hours. 


After an 1 1/2 rest sitting in my Cambro it was time to make tacos.


And man are they good. :)

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Looks great, icon14.gif
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Wow. Them looks great.
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Looks tasty!
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Very nice! love tacos that are made from brisket or pulled pork! I just made a casserole with brisket. Egg noodles, beef and mushroom gravy and mixed veggies. Love that kind of comfort food.

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Awesome looking tacos!!



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I have always said, the best part of smoking meat, is making tacos!  Points!

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I'll take 3 to go with a side of guacamole!  They look great!

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I never thought of putting brisket in my tacos. Brilliant!


Points for a new idea.



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