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Hello people!!

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I'm Cameron from glenpool Oklahoma. I just got back from the butchers. Picked up 2 pigs my kids show'd for 4H. A couple weeks ago I picked up a little master built electric smoker so I'm trying it out as we speak. 2 racks of ribs, 1 tenderloin, and one 3lb pork butt. This is my second time using the smoker and never smoked a butt. How long at 225?
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Probably 5-6 hours, but don't cook to time, cook to IT. It should be about 200-205* when ready to pull. Let it rest at least 1/2 hour to redistribute the juices. You will probably catch a stall at around 150-160*. You have a 3# butt, but depending on the thickness or density of the meat, it shouldn't take too long to power through.

Good luck with your cook. Please post some pics along the way. Joe
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Yup Joe got you covered.

We love pics
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Thanks, Adam.
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Welcome to SMF, Cameron!


Glad to have you with us!



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