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Tex Mex chicken sausage

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I've made hundreds of pounds of sausage BUT never any chicken sausage, so here we go. The recipe was ingredient heavy but I thought it sounded good. Spices and chicken breast with a pound of pork for some fat


Mixed up the spices and 3 jalapenos and ground the chicken and pork twice  through the grinder to mix well.


Here's a pic of the chicken mixture with spice added

Pretubed  32 mm casings have been soaking overnight and the stuffing has commenced, it's hard to keep the tube lubed so I had air backing up on the tube but all went well.


All stuffed and just ate the leftovers from the stuffer, nice heat but not overpowering.


Not sure about the chicken breast to fat ratio , maybe dry  but won't know until I cook up some links. Thanks for looking ! CM

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Looks tasty! I really like using thighs for chicken sausage. Seems to have the right amount of fat content.
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That looks great! I am a big fan of chicken sausage! A little healthier but still the great taste! I love that meal you get out of the stuffer remnants haha. Points!!
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CM that looks great I have made it with all chicken thighs Points


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Thanks guys for looking and the points, I went with the breast because they were on sale for 1.69/ lb. I will keep thighs in mind for the next batch !

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Looks great!
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That look crazy good! b

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Great looking sausage!


I like the adding of jalapenos.


I probably would have added a few more.


Points for sure!



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Very nice CM, gonna have to give chicken sausage a try. I've never made it either !
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