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How do i use or get the imogis everyone is using?
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Click on the smiley face.......:thumbsup:....on the tool bar...

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Hmm, maybe it's my phone but i don't have that option. Idk
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Are you sure?


Check at the top of the text box in Reply.



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Maybe, at the bottom of the page, click on MOBIL or DESKTOP to change the software....

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Al,this is what my screen looks like when i go to start a thread or reply. I don't see any smiley face or anything else.
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Well your right. I just checked my iphone & it looks just like yours.


They are available on my ipad, just looks a little different than my computer.


Thanks for the heads up.



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If you switch from mobile mode to desktop mode you can get some imogis. They show up on the side

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Aww, there we go. Thanks
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Thank y'all for clearing that up:sausage:
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