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smoking, Round two!

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After my first pork butt and rack of baby backs (3-2-1 method) were a smashing success it's come time to go for another round. Beef short ribs and another rack of baby backs are going on this Sunday. Everything is in the fridge with the dry rub on currently! I plan on doing the 2-2-1 method on the rack this go and was thinking of the 3-2-1 on the short ribs! It's also my daughters first birthday so it's gonna be a big day for this family! How long for the beef ribs you guys thinking?
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The beef ribs will take about as long as a rack of spares.



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Round 2 was an absolute success for the 15 guests we had! Little brinkmann maintained a solid 225-240 throughout the day!! Of course I should have gotten more baby back ribs since I only got one rack but each guest got to try one and raved. The beef short ribs were a smashing success!! I did the 2-2-1 on this set of ribs and it was fantastic! Everything sat in a dry rub with a hint of cinnamon for 3 days, delicious. I finished off the baby backs with sticky fingers Carolina sweet and used apple juice in the middle 2 section! Short ribs were sprayed with apple juice throughout smoking. I used royal oak coal and apple wood chips throughout.
I think it's time to throw in a brisket on this upcoming Sunday!

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Sounds like you're on a roll.

Good lookin' food.



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