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Side Dish Poll

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Between these two which would you rather have with your BBQ. Collard Greens or Cream Spinach.
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Collard greens.

Partly because they grow about 200 feel from my smoker, but mostly because I just like them better, especially with pork of any kind.
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Collards all day.
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Both are great but I would go with Greens. The slightly bitter flavor and acidity cuts the fattiness of BBQ and refreshes the palate. Creamed Spinach would be too rich and heavy for my taste...JJ

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Greens would make sense to me since I would probably use the trimmings from the meat to cook them.
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Having grown up down south, I can appreciate good greens but....I really like creamed spinach, but not the real steakhouse variety. I put about 2 pounds of rinsed and dried fresh spinach leaves ( stems pinched off ) in a medium warm skillet with some bacon fat, stirring until well wilted. Then blend in some half and half, and grated Asiago cheese. It just makes a nice sized bowl full. Yeah, it's still pretty rich, and not something you'd eat every day, but a nice change of pace, with a little bite from the cheese, and a creamy texture.
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greens all day long!!

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Creamed spinach here.



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Spinach!!! For me!!!
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I don't know anything about acidity or refreshing my pallet (sorry JJ, LOL), but I would vote for collards, all dat long.
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Collards are my favorite type of green and I love greens. No question for me.
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I love both,but JJ is right I think.

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Collard greens
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Pan fried taters

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Greens with Q. Creamed spinach steak. IMHO  B

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Originally Posted by BDSkelly View Post

Greens with Q. Creamed spinach steak. IMHO  B


Not a fan of either collards or spinach, hence the brown taters.

I suppose in 2 or 3 weeks I could cook up a mess of dandelion greens:icon_rolleyes:

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I love both but with BBQ I gotta go with the collards simmered down with a big ole chunk of smoked bacon. Add a little Tabasco over the final product and it don't get no better.

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Peppa vinegar splashed on my greens. Still cook'em like granny did, smoked hock s&p.
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