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Driedstick's Pretzels (a little modified) with vue

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I made some smoked pretzels.

First I would like to say Thank You to Driedstick

for the original recipe, and even the thought of

smoking pretzels.

C'mon that's nuts, no it ain't.

Try them, they're great for beer drinkin' snacks.


1/4 cup olive oil  (called for 3/4 cup)


1 package dry Italian dressing (zesty for a little more spice)


1 package dry ranch dressing 


1&1/2  tsp.  Garlic powder


1&1/2  tsp. lemon pepper


1 pound small pretzels


Tapatio sauce to taste    (called for 1&1/2 tsp. Cayenne)


I don't care that much for the Tapatio, I will try Franks next time. 


Mix all but the hot sauce well in a large dish

put in pretzels and mix well.

Taste them and add hot sauce as desired a little at a time

mix well and taste again.

Wait just a few seconds from when you taste to when you

put on more hot, it will creep up on you.


I gave 'em four hours with Hickory at 170F



The spices and flavors



almost ready to go








We need some smoke



Going good now



All ready for a nice smoky rest



Got the smoke working



Four hours later, wake up little pretzels



Back inside ready to be bagged up



Beer drinkin' snacks



Thanks for taking your time to look 



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Those look and sound great Ed!  I'm sure I've never thought of smoking pretzels...but now I may have to give it a try!





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Nice job, Ed!


I gotta try this too!





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Thank You SR and Al, I appreciate you guys taking the time

to look.

Also Thank You both for the points.



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Ok, cool.


When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be home made pretzels that were smoked.  With store bought hard pretzels, that makes it easy!

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