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WrinklyMedic takes up Smoking

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Hello all in Smoking Meat Forums,

In the South of UK I have inherited a home made Cold Smoking (CS) Cabinet and a Meco Charcoal Water Hot Smoker (HS). I have adapted the CS cabinet by using a metal venting duct to distance the cabinet from the smoke box. In the Brooks Original smoke box I inserted a 'maze' with a mesh base made from stretch steel mesh to slow down the burning/smouldering of the sawdust/shavings. Got the idea from looking at some commercial products. 


Over the Easter weekend I fired everything up to test out my theories - Even the mother-in-law is impressed by the results!!! I put a video of some of the day on in case it is helpful to anyone. For the Salmon I used a combination of Cold Brine and preparation systems that I found around the 'net.


The Garlics got left in the cabinet and had another few hours smoke each day for four days - actually they are still in there, seems an ok place to store them at the moment.  

Now I have to scout around the Forum for some ideas on Cod and a few other things. I built the 'Garden Kitchen' next to our Barbi' area.

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Hello and welcome to you.

Hope you have a great time here.



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Hi Wrinkly, Welcome to our "Family" and "Addiction"

You have a good looking set up there, will check out your video.

Plenty of good folk on here, ask any questions you can think of, and you will get your answers.

Please take time to look at the UK Smokers Forum,

And introduce your self on the UK Roll Call

We have had our 2nd UK Smokes weekend, where members attend and cooked over the weekend, dates and plans are already in place for 2016. Please use the link below to view the website.

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Welcome to SMF!


Nice video!



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