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How to mod the MES 40

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I just took the plunge and upgraded to the MES 40, but I'm not quite getting the smoke output from the chip tray that I want. I've already ordered the AMNPS for it, but I'd like for the tray to at least work... 


So many people have mentioned removing the extra metal piece between the burner and the tray, but I can't seem to find a video or instructions on how to do that via the search...



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You want the chip tray to sit on the heating element....  Remove what ever is in the way.....

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I removed the 2 screws on the left side and the 3 screws holding the round piece to the wall on the right side and then cut out part of the heat shield with a tin snips.  I did a pretty crude job of cutting since it is out of sight.  It did increase the smoke output and I am happy with the mod.  I think it is needed in hot areas where the heating element might not cycle on for as long to get the chips smoldering.  

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