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Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

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Did another Corned Beef Brisket.  Rinsed it quite a few more times than the last one.  Used 'New Orleans' BBQ BROS rub.  Wish I had tried it a little before I did it, it has a very peppery taste. Although the best thing is that I am the only one who likes anything remotely spicy so I guess having this beef to myself works out!! :yahoo:   Pit Barrell Smoker 4 hours....







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It looks good, but only 4 hours?


Wow that is really a short time for pastrami.


What was the final IT?


Was it tender?



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Yes 4 hours, unfortunately my wife bought me Kingsford professional charcoal and it burns about 50 degrees hotter than I like in the PBR (about 320). That and my digital thermometer broke on me.  It was only telling me the BBQ temperature so I had to pay a lot more attention and use a separate thermometer to get the meat temp.   Tender yes.....made sandwiches out of the whole thing with provolone, mustard and a hard roll....  I need a new thermometer!!!

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OK, I just cannot delete everything in this post - it is not fair to anyone that cares (although I bet the censors delete it for me!).


do not buy the Thermapen that advertises here - it is a ripoff. buy the Thermowand!


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