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Is there a standard type of salt used for sausage making?

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In my cooking, I use Morton's Kosher salt for just about everything.  I did notice recently that some of my sausage batches seem a little underseasoned probably because they are lacking salt.  I didn't have a grams scale until recently and was using volume measurements instead of weighing my ingredients.  I know that kosher salt will weigh less than table salt of an equal volume.  Lesson learned, I will weight my ingredients now that I have a grams scale.  But here is my question...


If trying to follow a recipe that ONLY lists volume amounts, which kind of salt should I use?  I know this might be hard to answer but I was just curious what you all think.




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Chris, morning...   Kosher.....   Generally, I will use 1.75 % - 2 % salt...  by weight....   make a batch and then you can adjust for your preference.... 

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We use Kosher salt too!



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I use Morton Kosher ~7.5oz per cup...Diamond Crystal is ~5oz per cup...Table Salt is ~10oz per cup. Most recipes that just say, " 1 tablespoon Salt ", they are talking Table Salt as that is what most folks will have on hand...JJ

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Thanks all!  That can be why a few recipes I have made seem to be lacking in the salt department.  Using tablespoons of kosher while they are probably assuming table salt.

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We use sea salt. It seems to work fine. At least everyone who eats our sausage seems to like it.

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I've been using canning salt.

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I use kosher salt and go by weight. 1.5% of of the total weight works for me. Keep notes,nice thing is once you find what works for you it's easily repeatable.
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Kosher or Sea salt by weight here. No cure for fresh, cure #1 for cured, smoked. Cure #2 for dried. I don't use QT.
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I hate it when recipes don't say what kind of salt.  As JJ said, if not stated, I assume table salt and use Kosher, adjusting accordingly.  It would be even better if they would give a weight, but.....??  After a few batches I found that many similar recipes use a general ratio which I can adjust to my own taste.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks everyone for all of your input.  If I see any recipes that don't specify I will assume table and convert over to the right amount of kosher.  This is why I love this place. One question and a ton of people offer their help.  Thanks again!

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Unless the recipe calls for a specific type of salt, I just go with Kosher. Seems to work...
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Most the time i use pure salt for meat processing or just plain old non iodized.

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