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My first cook on the new rig

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This was my first time cooking on my the rig and it was a little bit different then my UDS that I primarily smoked food on up to this point new rig a dual chamber gravity feed smoker takes a good hour longer to get up to temp then my UDS dose I will be prolly looking into getting a a few temperature control fan like a guru in the future but for now im gonna just learn my new toy without all the fancy gadgets. But now on to the food part I wanted to try a variety of stuff so I did a whole chicken, bone in pork butt, and a whole brisket... I had friends and family over to help me try all this food and at the end asked everyone what there favorite was the majority of them liked the brisket and burnt ends but everyone seemed to agree it was all good...or so they say haha they could have just been being nice. But here's the pictures of my first cook and smoke on yall!!

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That was a great smoke for your first time with a new rig!


Everything looks delicious!





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Whoa, that's good looking food.

Just looking at the pictures I'd say

that your friends and family were telling

you the truth.



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Looks great.  If I were you, I'd be keeping that new smoker!!!



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