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Espresso brisket

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Used some Texas brisket rub and added some espresso coffee to it. Rubbed the briskest Friday night. Trimmed some fat off.

Started smoking the briskets at 7:20 on Saturday night at 210 degrees. Had some apple wood added. Put fat side down in foil containers. I cut brisket in half to fit on master built electric smoker. (Mes) I never checked total weight. Was just going to go by thermometer readings.

I have two thermometers for the meat. Maverick redi check in the top brisket and mes thermometer in the bottom brisket half. I put the thicker half on the bottom of the two racks. Kept both up higher in smoker.

Temps were slow to move up after 12 hours. I raised temp on smoker to 225 to help move it along. The bottom brisket was taken off at 3:30 on Sunday. I didn't wrap the briskets while in the smoker.

Took the bottom brisket off and wrapped in foil. Wrapped in comforter and put in cooler. Took out at 8 and cut up.

Took the other half of brisket off at 8:20 so it took 25 hours. It is wrapped in foil and in cooler with comforter.

I would probably start temp at 225 next time to move it faster or wrap in foil once temps hit 160. However, I had plenty of time and didn't plan this for any meal with other people.

The first brisket turned out really good. One of the better briskets I have cooked. I've ruined several briskets in the past. Hoping for the other half to be just as good. I'll end up freezing some of brisket sliced and some chopped.

Here are the pics.








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2nd half turned out good.

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That's some good looking brisket!  points1.png



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What he said!


That's some good looking brisket!!!


Nice job!





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