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First Salmon Smoke

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My first attempt at smoking anything so I started with Salmon. I think I could have let it go for a bit more but the steak was done and the crew were banging their forks. :drool: 


Tasted pretty good if I do say so myself. Used a brine recipe that took 20 minutes with a couple hour cure time. Then an hour in the smoker. I think I am going to like this smoking stuff.

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Looks tasty nice first smoke!
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Nice job ! icon14.gif
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PP, Your salmon looks great , nice first smoke!

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Thanks all, smoked about 4#'s total in the smoker. Used the new Smoke Hollow smoker the kids gave me and it held the temperature very well.

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I have been smoking salmon or steelhead every week for over a year now.

I use a very simple brine for 1 fillet (salmon) or 2 fillets (steelhead)

4 cups water
6 table spoons salt
2 table spoons brown sugar

Brine for 1 hr

Add fresh ground pepper prior to the smoke

Smoke for 1 to 1.5 hrs

Glad yours was a success
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Awesome looking salmon!



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Thanks HEU, I will give that a try next time. I was guessing a little longer would have been better but it still tasted good. :drool



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Thanks Al, appreciate it!

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Nice!! NOW you did it....made me jump up and go $Buy$ 8/lbs of fillets. So, now my chunks are presently Meditating in the 1:4 Ratio of Canning Salt and Dark Brown Sugar. I add a little fresh Black Pepper now and just prior to the Smokin'. 

Bam. Heaven.   Locomotiveman Tom.  Minnesota

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Thanks Tom, yours sounds good as well.

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Meant to ask what wood did you use?

I love cherry for beef and pork and I have tried a bunch of different woods (Apple, pecan, orange, peach) but always go back to alder. There is just something about alder with salmon/trout.
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Either all Alder or start out with Alder and end with Apple.  Both very traditional for Salmon.  PortagePete, nice first smoke.  May more to follow soon.

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I actually used Mesquite. I will need to find some Alder.
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