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More back bacon!

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Latest batch of back bacon. TQ and pure maple sugar/brown sugar.

Instead of using ziplock bags, I do the whole loin, put it in a vac bag, pull the air out and seal.



After 10 days...


Cold smoked for 14 hours, left in the smoker over night (-3C or 25F-ish outside) Next day, heat on in the smoke house, and taken to 147-150F. Left in the fridge for 2 days, then sliced and packaged.

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Lookin' good, gotta love home made back bacon.  Now can we talk about snow chains.  Probably showing my age with that joke, what ever happened to bob & doug...keep up the good work.

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Looks real good!


You have some serious knife skills!



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Thanks!! I make 'em, so I try to use them. Im a bloody rookie compared to some who use my knives!! None of the slices are thicker than 1/8"

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