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Spud-butt cheese...the Adventure begins

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Greetings and Salivations All,


It's taken a while to get this smoke off the ground but it's goin' now.

I speculated and asked for feedback if anyone else had cold smoked raw potatoes.  Had some input from some who had baked a tater then smoked it but no one replied who had tried the cold on a raw.

Being one who always likes to go where no man... or woman... has gone before I finally worked it into my schedule.



Got me some extra sharp cheddar ( as always ! ), some pepper jack, 4 spuds and a stick of butter in the smoker using a blended pellet selection and the always awesome Amazn pellet smoker.


Thanks to our ever increasingly warm Missouruh days I've had to do my cold smoking at night.  Curse you Summer !


Will keep ya all informed to how this all comes out in a batch of breakfast goulash :pot:  Happy Smokin y'all !

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Wow! Raw potatoes? That is interesting! Please keep posted on what you use them for!
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Will do Mojave.

Plan for 2 potatoes for hash browns and sausage and the other 2 with a steak dinner. All of course with the smokey butter and

cheese :beercheer:

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Even smoking at night my smoker got warm enough to melt one of the cheese blocks and almost got my butter but the rest did well


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Looking forward to seeing the meal!

How do you have your smoker set up? If you are melting cheese try a mod to move heat source/smoke away from chamber gets you closer to ambient temp AND cleans up the smoke.
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Did you poke any holes in the taters? It will be interesting to see if there's any smoke in there!
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I haven't gotten into any mods yet, though it will probably come to that.

I've just been placing the AMPS on a grate spanning the hole seperating the burner chamber from the smoking chamber.  This worked great in the winter months but apparently the AMPS makes enough heat this time of year even at night to be an issue. I have been lighting both ends of the snake for more smoke and insurance in case one end goes out. Might have to try only lighting one end and trusting it.

Also my smoker -  Masterbuilt propane model has a hot spot to the forward edge of the smoking racks closer to the door which I hadn't taken into consideration.  The cheese block that melted was placed in this location.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated !

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I didn't poke any holes. Did consider slabbing them to expose the inner meat but wanted to try a whole potato first and see what happens.  Wanted to be able to do a smoked baked potato for a steak night so wanted it au natural.

Unfortunately steak night ain't gonna happen until next week some time !

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