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Water stuffer

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Was thinking about switching to a water Stuffer. Is a water Stuffer that much better than a vertical Stuffer? Pros and cons? I've used a vertical 5lb grizzly for years, so was just wondering. See some of the homemade water stuffers on here that look pretty nice.
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I've thought about them....   Can't figure out why I would get one...   My 5# grizzly keeps putting out the sausage...  I think I would like an electric motor on it so I could stuff with 2 hands... but then the granddaughters would be upset...  I think I will keep the grizzly and the granddaughters... 

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Lol...yes they are a big help. Well I was stuffing some today and had my daughter helping me. Clamps slipped "something" made a big noise when it hit the floor. Must be the handle took the direct hit and put a crack in the nylon bushing. Not the ideal time to be without a Stuffer. Parts on order, but the water Stuffer idea just got me thinking.
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PM Nepas, he has a couple of them.



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Do a search on Youtube for "Kirby Cannon" and you will see why I made a water powered stuffer.

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I have had mine since 05 love it very fast
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Lol... That kirby cannon is insane! Thanks for the info fellas
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