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Help with tomorrow's smoke...brisket and ribs

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I am such a newbie it's not even funny. What I have is some great luck. I use a smoke hallow and have done a bunch of chicken quarters, ribs twice, once was AMAZING,stuffed peppers, and a prime rib that made me quite proud. I've read Jeff book, cover to cover twice, and a bunch of Internet articles. I have a few friends that smoke and I get thier I put as well. I've been using a grill for over 20 years, and a smoker since the day after Christmas. So that's my resume
My plan was to do my first brisket tomorrow, it's a 4.5ish lbs cut. Not much of a fat cap, it was an impulse buy when I was at the butcher getting my prime rib. That plan has gotten bigger with another impulse buy, two slabs if ribs. My thought was mid smoke I'll put the ribs in, simple enough.
What I wasn't expecting was my son to be invited to an elite basketball cp from 8 to 1 tomorrow, so I will be gone 7 to 2. That feels too long to be away if I put it in while I am gone. Putti ng the ribs in at 2 is fine, but the brisket, I don't know.
What I have found in my limited smoking is everything is done faster than expected. The prime rib was 4.7lbs tried and done to a med rare perfection in 3 hours. My last rib smoke was in the dead of winter and they where done in a little over 3 hours. Chicken quarters in just under 2 when they it says 3 hours. I am using a verified accurate dial thermometer for smoker temp (check it every time I open the smoker door with an infrared temp gun) and calling the smoke done based on meat temp. That's a lot of back story right?
So as I see it my options are
Cancel the brisket, which means I have to freeze it.
Put it on before I go and hope for the best (if I go this route do I drop the temp, maybe smoke at 180 while I'm gone) adding the ribs when I get home.
Start when I get home, and if the brisket isn't done till 10pm I have a bedtime treat (beats ice cream).
Get everything ready, have my wife start it around 11, so it has only had 3 hours when I get home.
What say you?
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What temp are you cooking everything at? Those cook times seem very short.

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Between 220 and 230 is where I try to keep it, the ribs that didn't turn out well spiked up to 325 for a bit.
I agree the cook times are short.
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Agreed they are sjort
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You all ready said you have unexpected spikes that made disappointing ribs...While I may not sit in front of my MES40 for 6-8 hours, I would never leave it completely unattended. The smoker could die ruining the meat or worse, catch Fire! Congrats to your Boy, but sounds like a good day for Take-Out and be home to smoke another day...JJ

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I've never tried it, but what about doing brisket tonight at Midnight or a bit earlier. when you get up for BB take it out, wrap, and let it rest while you get ready. Then put in fridge whole. Reheat and slice the hunk when you get home?

Otherwise, I agree with Chef! Nothing irritates my wife more than when I'm stressed about cooking food instead of enjoying family time!
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I only had a temp spike once on the first rib smoke, I didn't properly prepare for the grease and it flamed up. Other than that I haven't had any spikes.
I decided to wait till I got home, hoping that this would be like all other smokes, quicker than expected. Brisket went in at 3 and I just pulled it to rest. Ribs went in about 330, and should be coming out soon.
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So about 4 hours on a 4.5 lb brisket? What temp was the smoker running at and what internal temperature did you pull it at?

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Waiting to see how it comes out! Take pics!
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Getting done early is not unheard of but consistently done hours early? Something is off and whatever therm you are using to monitor smoker temp is a good place to start....JJ

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It was actual just under 4lb 3.8 to be exact. I use two dial terms that every time I open the door I confirm temp with an infrared temp gun. I get that one could be off, but all three, the exact amount off, that seems about as statistically impossible.
It was super windy and cold yesterday, wind blowing right on the back of the smoker. So the temp stayed about 210 through out the smoke.
I pulled the brisket at an internal temp of 200, wanted to pull at 190, but didn't hear my therm beeping.
The ribs came out shortly after, once they pasted "the tender test"
Ribs where amazingly tender, the rub I used is a little mellower than I like, but hits the family's pallet well. They where great.
Brisket was enjoyable, not the best I have every tasted, but enjoyable.
Had no problems over eatting last night, and now I'm thinking about a snack.
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Definitely need a snack
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Looks good from here! Points!
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Leftovers rock!
Sa├║ted onions and garlic is a red pepper infused olive oil, motz cheese, sour dough roll and brisket.
My toes are curled it's so damm good
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