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WSM rust bubbles ?

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I noticed today that the top lid might have small beginnings of rust bubbles, very small bubbles under the paint. Bubbles are located under the top handle.

Is this familiar to any other wsm owner ?

Have to take a better look tomorrow, maybe i was just hungry...
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I have chipped the finish on my WSM & it has shown some rust, but the metal is so thick that it will take years before it will become a problem.



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Where do you have rust and how fast did they appear ? This is only my second season for the wsm.
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Did you buy it new or used?  That seem quick for rust, if it was new.  Is it left out in the weather?

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New. I looked again today and theres definetily some kind of bubbles under the paint, i already send email to Weber importer.

To me this sounds like a manufacturing flaw, cant think anything else. I have not left it out in the weather and its not even used much.

Im very intrested to see how the importer will handle this.

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That doesn't sound right to me, my kettle is 2 years old and has no issues, the finish is in great shape.  Best of luck getting this resolved.

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I have way older kettle and theres no problems like this. I will keep you posted.
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It seems that Weber is going to send me a new lid. Allready thinking what to do whit the old one...


Does the WSM 22.5 lid fit to a UDS ?

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When I bought my WSM back in 2005, it had some chips on the lower edge of the dome. Weber sent me another one.  While I was waiting on it to arrive, I put some black high temp paint on the chipped area and used the WSM.  About 2 smokes later the black paint was also sealed with a thin layer of smoke deposits as well.  Still have that replacement dome new in the box in the basement.  Been using the "chipped" one since day one.


Same thing for the door.  Where they stamped those ridges in had a crack along one edge.  When they sent the dome they also sent a new door.  I finally used it to make the e-WSM mod last year.

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It's a Smoker not a show car..:hit:

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Thats true also:biggrin:

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I received a new lid for my wsm today.

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