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Easter week smokes

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Did a couple of smokes last week, just now getting around to posting them.


Started on Thursday 3/17 with brisket, then Saturday 3/19 with two rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs. Both turned out fantastic and didn't last long. 


Brisket was a 12.87lb packer trim from Wally World, but it was a select rather than choice  :icon_sad: 


Trimmed about 1 1/2 lbs of fat off. Rubbed with course Kosher salt and course ground black pepper. Sprayed with apple juice about every hour while cooking. Smoked with hickory mini splits. After trimming, I had this flap hanging off the side of the point, which I cut off and rubbed and tossed on the smoker separately. I was surprised that it took almost as long to cook as the rest of the brisket did. Cut it up as a snack before the rest of the brisket was ready. I guess these qualify as burnt ends?  th_dunno-1[1].gif


We had a pretty stiff breeze on Thursday for the brisket, a good 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. The breeze pumped a ton or air through the smoker which I think caused it to cook much faster than normal. This brisket hit 140 degrees in about 2 hours! and it was up above 160 in 4 hours and was 171 degrees when I wrapped with butcher paper at 6 hours in. Pulled the brisket off right at 9 hours and the point was 205 degrees and the flat was about 201 degrees. Set it on a cookie tray and wrapped with a piece of foil and an old towel and let it rest for about an hour. 


This flat was just a little bit under tender, but very moist and flavorful from the rub and smoke. I attribute the untenderness to it being a select cut rather than choice. The point as melt in your mouth barbecue candy. 


12.87lb packer trimmed brisket, trimmed about 1 1/2lbs of fat, rubbed with course kosher salt and course black pepper. I cut this little flap off the side of the point, and rubbed it and cooked it separately. I was surprised that it took almost as long to cook as the rest of the brisket did.  Had a pretty stiff breeze all day, about 15-20pmh with 30+ mph gusts  Wrapped in butcher paper at about 6 hours, ~170 degrees


mini brisket, flap cut off of the point  brisket bites, maybe these qualify as burnt ends?  Brisket pulled off the smoker at 9 hours, about 205 degrees, wrapped in towel to rest for about an hour.


Sliced thin  Sliced thin, looks good. The picture washed out the smoke ring.  with corn on the cob, green beans, and Amish sourdough bread



On Saturday 3/19 I did a pair of St. Louis cut pork ribs. Rubbed with salt, pepper, onion, garlic, and paprika. Also sprayed with apple juice every hour while cooking. Wrapped in foil after 3 hours, the ribs were about 170 degrees. Put back on for another 2 hours and they were above 200 degrees. 


I did two racks because I was going to sauce one and leave one dry. But at 5 hours, they were done, and I was hungry so I decided to just eat them as is. They were very moist, and fall of the bone tender. Loved them as did my daughter. 


Pork ribs, rubbed with salt, black pepper, onion, garlic and paprika  Smoked for 3 hours, wrapped in foil and another 2 hours, pulled at 5 hours total cook time  Homemade potato salad and baked beans. The potato salad was good. The beans sucked.

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Looks like some good eats!

Nice job!

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Those are a couple of really good smokes!


Everything looks delicious!


Great job!



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