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Smoked some bacon today

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My girlfriend surprised me with a tender-belly bacon kit for valentines day.  The kit came with a 4lb pork belly along with the cure/rub mixture.  If you guys haven't tried making your own home-made bacon yet I highly encourage you to do so.  I don't care that it takes a week to sit in the dry rub, I'm never buying store-bought crap ever again!


Here's the pork belly, thawed and dried and ready for the cure:


Cure is on:


One week later I've taken it out of the fridge after flipping it multiple times throughout the week to distribute the cure evenly.  I smoked the bacon at about 225 for roughly 3.5 hours until internal temps reached 150.






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Looks excellent!


Your hooked now!!



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Looks tasty!drool.gif
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Looks great!!! Bacon making or curing in general is addictive.
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Looks great.
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Nothing better!

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Where did your girlfriend get the kit?

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That looks good. What did the cure/rub mixture contain? Did you have to weigh out the mix or did you just have to add the whole sachet/packet to the belly?

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Did you do a saltr test after it cured? I recently made bacon and I am very glad I tested it for salt before smoking it. Way too salty until I soaked it for over an hour.


Yours looks great - much more meat than most bellies I have seen around here.

What's next? Pastromi?

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My girlfriend got me this "Man Crate" for valentines day.  It included the porkbelly, all the seasonings, and a pound of their own bacon.  Pretty awesome:


As for a salt test?  I don't have any test other than my own tastebuds, but it does taste less salty to me than regular store bought bacon.


I may try to do pastrami next, especially since I have my own commercial grade meat slicer! :)

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