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How much smoke should you see coming out of rec tec mini?
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With most pellet grills the pellets burn very efficiently and so there is usually less visible smoke produced than with wood or charcoal smokers. The amount of visible smoke is not too critical providing you are getting the smoke flavour that you are looking for. The "thin blue smoke" is where you get the the pleasant smoke flavours and not the white/black billowing smoke. This thin smoke is easily dissipated as it leaves the flue, especially when using the unit outside. You will usually see some billowing smoke even with pellet smokers as the unit is starting up. Can you smell the smoke whilst it is up to temperature?


Most of us who have pellet smokers do find that the smoke flavour can be more "delecate" than with wood smokers, however this is usually compensated for by the ease of maintaining a constant temperature over a long smoking time. Are you finding that the smoke flavour is too mild? If so then you can always augment it by placing something like an AMNTS in the cooking chamber.

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Depends on what temps you are running.  You should see more from 180 to about 250, and significantly less when you run hotter (as the pellets are burning more efficiently the hotter you run it.

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Thanks for the tips. I talk to rec tec today about things in general,boy was I impressed with the customer service . I see why there rated Number one
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