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TheHabMan from Michigan

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Long time chef who is changing focus from fine dining to something more near and dear to my heart.   

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad you found your true calling!



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Welcome to the forum! Lots of places doing BBQ around the Grand Rapids area these days,it's nice to be able to go out if your short on time.
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Hey guys i will be in gr tomorrow and friday where are some good bbq places to try ?
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Well I found one bbq place for dinner tonight it's called Slows bbq and it was great. Went there with my wife and daughter and we had a feast we got a sampler tray of meat it had ribs,smoked wings,pulled pork and some of the best brisket I have ever eaten we also had homemade mac & cheese smoked pit beans and corn bread the best part was that it wasn't swimming in bbq sauce I do love sauce but I hate when that's all you taste. So in my opinion it's a great place to eat
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