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Went to Winco today for some grocery shopping.  Best prices in my area on just about anything.  Found untrimmed tri tips for $2.38/lb.  Trimmed .9 lb hard fat off the back of a 3.96 pounder so cost per pound was $3.08.  The best price I've seen in my neck of the woods in the last year was $5.99 lb. 


Picked up five roasts, four shown below.  Yum, yum yum!



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Sounds like a good deal. Are they Select or Choice?
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Wow. Great find.
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Label says select or better, a typical lable for Winco. They are marbled like choice. I've picked up briskets labeled the same way that were obviously prime. Melt in your mouth tender.
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Nice score!



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OMG! Here I have to have them cut and the price is always $6.99 a lb. (Or more) No one "stocks" them.
Lucky You!
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Nice score,best I can do is $2.99 but I'm not complaining!biggrin.gif
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For anyone in NorCal the Raley's/Bel Air/Knob Hill chain of stores has Harris Ranch choice grade tri tips on sale for $3.99/lb trimmed.  At the same store you can buy the untrimmed bag-o-tri tips, 8-13 lb bags, for $2.99/lb.  You'll trim about 1/2 to 1 lb of fat off each roast.


The Harris Ranch tri tips are by far the most consistently tender tri tips I purchase.  I picked up five trimmed roasts earlier this week and will most likely go back today and pick up five or six more, depending on size (bigger is better). 


The roasts from Winco I posted above in the first post are good but quite a bit tougher than the Harris Ranch cuts for grilling or smoking.  The Winco roasts make fantastic French Dips though, browned and braised in beef broth and onions. 


I made melt in your mouth grilled fajitas from a Harris Ranch tri tip yesterday (less fat and cheaper than using skirt steak).  I only used one roast.  My wife wants me to do another fajitas roast for Mother's Day.  I'll photo journal the whole process when I start the marinade today. 


Happy Mother's Day all!      

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Nice score! I just purchased a case of tri tips. 58lbs @3.99 a lb. I have a contact at our local restaurant supplier so a whole new world has opened up for me as far as what's available to me.

Made tri tips yesterday out at my mother in laws place. About 15 relatives there no one has ever seen or heard of a tri tip before. I cooked them Santa Maria style and eveyone raved about them even though I over cooked them a bit. I'm a tri tip fan now!! :439:

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Mother's Day Tri Tips.  BTW, lesson learned; sharing a pitcher of scratch margaritas with the wife will induce temporary amnesia when it comes to picture taking.  My photo journal isn't as complete as it could have been.  The last picture was actually this morning's tri tip fajitas breakfast. 


1.  Marinade ingredients for two tri tip roasts, small ones, about 2 lbs each.  Marinade ingredients:  3/4 cup EVOO, 1/2 cup soy sauce (or Jugo Magi if you have it), two tsp minced garlic (fresh or canned), 1/3 cup lime juice, 1 yellow onion, 1 tsp ground cumin, and 6 Tbs dark brown sugar).



2.  Marinade ingredients go into the blender. 



3.  The brown result. 



4.  Meat double bagged in Ziplocks.



5.  Add the marinade to the beef, squeeze out the air, and toss in the fridge for 24-48 hours.  Once I take the meat out of the marinade I lightly boil and reduce the marinade on the stove for about 20 minutes.  It makes a fantastic onion gravy addition to the fajitas.   



6.  I build my fire on one side of the grill, then brown the roasts directly over the hot charcoal and a strong wood (hickory or mesquite) for five minutes per side (no picture.  margarita amnesia).  Then I transfer the meat to a pan with four yellow onions I want to caramelize (two per roast).  I like using a pan because the meat and onions still pick up the smoke flavor but all the juices from the meat stay in the pan and mix with the onions.  The roasts reach 125F IT in about 20 minutes after browning, 135-145F (my wife's preference) in a total of 30-35 minutes after the browning.  I generally remove the roasts when they hit the IT and let them rest for 10-15 minutes.  I stir the pan drippings into the onions and let them finish caramelizing while the meat rests.      



7.  Meat, caramelized onions, marinade gravy, and a little sour cream.  My wife likes to add salsa or pico de gallo, plus fresh guacamole too (made it, margarita amnesia).  I think her additions hide the flavor of the caramelized onions and the marinade gravy.  Regardless, these fajitas are packed with flavor and oh so satisfying. 


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The fajitas look fantastic!


Great job Ray!



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Looks good from here!!!







Sounds more like pitchers of margaritas to me... :icon_cool:


We all know, any pictures after a pitcher of margaritas(maybe two or three since amnesia is claimed) are the most revealing, rewarding and memorable... :cool:

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:33:   Amnesia huh.gif maybe that's why I never remember to take photos until its to late and in the smoker or on the plate LOL I though it was just senior moments!!!

Learn something new everyday. Oh yea great find and great looking smoke.



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