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BBQ build update

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Here is an update on my build. It is my first build, and has definitely been a learning experience. It uses tuning plates for heat/ smoke distribution and has a warming plate on top of the burner box to keep things warm. It isn't quite finished yet, so 
I'll be posting more when it gets finished. Comments or suggestions are welcome. :)

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Looks like it's coming along nicely!



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Looks great. Keep a pair of gloves handy, horseshoe handles heat up just as much as the rest of the smoker will.
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You got that right. There will be a piece of redwood between the two horse shoe handles to help insulate. I know wood isn't the preferred choice, but this will be under shelter so rot shouldn't be an issue. For some reason, the main door warped substantially when I cut it out with my plasma cutter and I am having a hard time to get it straightened out so it will seal properly. I have tried using a hot wrench to heat and straighten it out, but to no avail. Ideas are welcome.

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Welp, here is what I am going to consider the finished product. There are possibly a few additions I would like to add in the future like a second shelf, door seals. All in all I think it turned out ok for my first build. It was a fun learning process and used this site quite a bit in my direction. Suggestions are more than welcome, and encouraged. :)

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Awesome job! I can't offer any critique, only admiration for your skill and coveting your final product!
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