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Charlie, It sure is great to see you feeling better all the time. I've really been missing your comments and advice. That's an awesome spread you've cooked up and you can send me a piece of buttermilk pie any time you want.

Take care of yourself and don't get in too big of a hurry to work to the fullest. One step at a time. Good luck and stay in touch, Joe icon14.gif
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Originally Posted by CrankyBuzzard View Post

Howdy folks! I've been AWOL for a while due to a cold turning into full blown pneumonia. Still not 100%, but mending. I'm one of those people that usually doesn't get sick, but when I do, I really make up for the times I didn't!

For an Easter gathering, myself and a friend made up a mess of goodness for our ring of friends.

Ribs, ABTs, sausage, and smoked mac and cheese were on the menu.

My bride also made us a buttermilk pie! I love those things...

I'm going to be hit and miss on here for a while since work will have me traveling a lot, but I'll try and check in as I can. Writing this now while sitting in DFW waiting to fly out to Atlanta....
That's what you put out when not at 100%? Points!
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Did anyone else notice the two knawed bones in one of the rib pics?
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Well... 3 weeks late may be my all time record.  Points for the smoke!  NOW a bit of guidance from a guy that travels every week.  Just check in when you get to the hotel room. You will feel much better if you do! b

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Hey CB.  Welcome back.  I can't believe you've been sick all this time--good thing it doesn't happen very often.


The food looks great.  That mac and cheese looks fantastic.



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