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Been down, but not totally out...

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Howdy folks! I've been AWOL for a while due to a cold turning into full blown pneumonia. Still not 100%, but mending. I'm one of those people that usually doesn't get sick, but when I do, I really make up for the times I didn't!

For an Easter gathering, myself and a friend made up a mess of goodness for our ring of friends.

Ribs, ABTs, sausage, and smoked mac and cheese were on the menu.

My bride also made us a buttermilk pie! I love those things...

I'm going to be hit and miss on here for a while since work will have me traveling a lot, but I'll try and check in as I can. Writing this now while sitting in DFW waiting to fly out to Atlanta....
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Welcome newb. Glad you found us.

Grub looks great.

PS. Glad your getting better. You had us worried.
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CB rest up and come back strong the food looks great


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Welcome back. Great looks chow!...JJ

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It's good to see you up and around and cooking again Charlie! That spread looks tasty!

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Hey Buzzard, glad you survived....   Food looks delish.....    BTW, last fall or 3 ago, I got one of them shots that's supposed to put an end to pneumonia....  Been good so far...    A bit pricey as old folks insurance didn't cover it....    About $225 if memory serves me correctly...  So, does getting pneumonia inoculate you so you won't get it again ???   I hope so....  Heck, you been down for a long time...  but not out...   that's the good part...

BTW, I went to the Latino grocery the other day...  the guy's checking on bellies for me...   My 2 sources are 100 miles away...    AND, I plan on using your bacon recipe...   I found it a week or so ago...   Mine's really good but I'll never know if it's the best until I try yours....


DFW and Atlanta both suck...  I hate those airports...  bad memories...

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Hey CB!!!---All that stuff looks Great !!:drool


Mighty tasty looking Vittles!!:drool---------------:points:


Real Glad you're Coming Around---Been too long to be sick!!Thumbs Up


I'm like you---Get sick once every 5 years, but it's like a Sledge hammer.


I never get the Flu shots or the Pneumonia shot, but Mrs Bear gets the Flu Shots & got the Pneum Shot---Never cost us anything---All covered under Ins.


Hers must be working and the ones I never get must be working too.


Now if I could just get a shot that would fix Idiot Doctors!!!




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Glad your back CB!


Looks like your up & running with that great looking meal!



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Hey ya tough Ol' Buzzard,,, get better,,, nice spread you had there,,,,,


Great job 



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Good to see you, Cranky! Was starting to worry about ya! I see you're still cooking for a crowd. The smoked mac & cheese is giving me ideas.....
Fly safe!
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Good to hear your feeling better! That is some tasty looking spread! Never heard of a buttermilk pie but it looks great!
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Tasty lookin stuff CB, glad your feeling better ! icon14.gif
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Wow Cranky, I've been wondering about you!     Please take care of yourself.     Your food looks great!

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Cranky, so glad you're feeling better. I had a very terrible scare with pneumonia myself a few years back so I'm glad you're on the mend! It's a beast! That food looks great! By the way... I hold your absence from the forum responsible for my obsessive sausage making and curing as of late hahaha I could usually make it a week without starting a new project because I knew I could live vicariously through your amazing creations. Glad you're back so my wife doesn't kill me or get killed by an avalanche of vaccuum packed sausage falling out of the freezer
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We've missed ya CB. Glad your felling better.
And that easter spread looks great. drool.gif
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Man I was wondering where you went, glad you are feeling better. I made a 25 lb batch of your smoked kielbasa man is that good.
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Welcome Back CB! Nice smoke!
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Glad your feeling better.  Great looking spread.

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So good to see your great food on SMF again. I hope you are taking care of yourself and doing what you are told.


The meal is fantastic and well worthy of points.



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All that Q looks great, but I'd kill for a slice of that buttermilk pie. Glad you're feeling better.
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