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Easter Dinner for 2

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Hi All Just a pic of my Easter dinner for 2. Turkey breast, small chunk of Prime rib,back ribs from the roast. Turkey was the big winner.
Smoked on my SF. Still have to get my fire management down temps were kinda all over the place, or is that common? Good thing about the temps I was able to smoke the turkey at 300* and the ribs & roast at 225*-250*.


Here is a line from Aaron Franklin's book. Hits it  right on the head.
"We pitmasters are more thermal engineers that we are cooks. Igniting,coaxing,cajoling,molding,suppressing and enabling fire is the essence of our work"

Enjoy DanB


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​Dan that is an all protein diet Looks tasty


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Yep.  That's my idea of a good meal.



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All looks tasty!drool.gif
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Nice looking plate there, Dan!



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