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Grate holder?

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What's up guys... So this may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if somebody manufacturers something (or if anyone has a technique) for the Weber kettle to hold your food grate while you light a chimney of coals on the coal grate? Right now my only options are to put the food grate on the grass, my stone patio, or on a table. I don't want to get a grease stain on the stone or table so I opt for the grass. Still, that's a couple steps off the patio so that gets annoying. Any thoughts? Or do people just deal with it? Or are grease stains only for people who don't clean their grates thoroughly enough? I clean after every cook but some grease is still on the underside of the grate and will drip. Thanks in advance for the help.
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This may be of no help.... Just a few days ago I helped my son put together his performer. If I remember right, there is a spot on the backside of the grill table to hook the cooking grate.

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You should still be able to get the Weber 6431 Charcoal Grill Tool Holder. It has been discontinued by Weber but they are around. You could also drill a hole through the handle or kettle and attach a hook...JJ


Stanley-National Hardware Garment Hook

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Chef JJ has the idea.


Just go to the hardware store. Its called an open eye bolt, or a J -bolt whatever length you want. it and the bolts less than a buck? Get 2 right size washer and a over-sized so to eliminate the possibility of pulling it out the hole. The salesman will understand.


Save yourself enough for a couple a 6 packs probably.

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A J-hook is the most obvious answer, it just seemed like in all the videos, DIY blogs, forums, articles, etc I've read, I've never come across anybody addressing it.
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An "S" hook hanging on the handle, with the other end holding the grate.



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I save (hoard, says my wife) all the larger pieces of cardboard boxes from my purchases.


I put the cardboard on my picnic table (cut to size) and place everything on it when I need to.


I've used one piece all last summer.  When it got a bit too messy I just cut it up, tossed it into the recyle bin, and grabbed a new piece. 


If you can get a piece large enough to cover your entire table you can fold it in half for storage.

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