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A sad tale

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Every year about this time I go up with a buddy of mine and we open my camp for the Spring and Summer season. So last weekend we went up and did our yearly cleanup around the camp. The women folk stay home, so it's just me and my buddy "roughing it" for the weekend.


I always take my WSM, a bunch bags of charcoal, a box of smoking wood and my "BBQ Box" (spices and equipment) up because there is always something good cooking at the camp. It all stays behind because there is no sense carrying it back and forth. We're up there every weekend in the Spring and Summer, and sometimes late into Fall.


Well we returned this weekend with the families only to discover we were robbed. They took everything that wasn't nailed down. Everything! They got the WSM, My "BBQ box", A Digi-Q DX2, 8 bags of charcoal, 100 qt ice chest, fishing gear, a TV set, a 2 meter HAM radio, a generator, rocking chairs, a 6 month supply of Mountain House storeable food. They even took the firewood on the porch!


The crazy thing is that I never lock the place. There is a notice on the door that welcomes people that are in distress and need shelter, food and water. They are free to enter and use those resources in their time of need. All I ask is that they take only what they need, that they make some effort to replace what they used and they not destroy the place


As a side note, I have had hunters, caught in a sudden storm, use the place until the storm passed. They have always left behind notes thanking me for the shelter, food and water. They have always left their name and phone number and have always responded to my requests to replace that which they used. So I have no intention of changing my ways because of this.


Fortunately I have been blessed and do not want for much, so replacing everything is not a big deal for me. It is just disappointing though. Tonight I'll pray for those folks.


BTW, It didn't ruin our weekend. We had a great time. We improvised and it turned out well. Family, Friends and Food!



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Bummer deal.
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I like your attitude on the situation. Wish I could say that I would feel and act the same way. Your walk is on the right path.

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Words can not express your help for fellow humans. Your place would be dismantled and gone forever if it was left unlocked here in the UK!
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Sorry to hear of your loss - the grace in your response more that outweighs the malice of those who did you harm.  God bless.

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That's a real crying shame.  There's always some lowlife ready to ruin it for other people.  I'm afraid I wouldn't be nearly as forgiving as you are.



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Wow, that is very rough. I am amazed you can have such a good attitude about it. I hope you don't ever have to go through that again.
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Sorry for your lose, but kudos to you for not letting it get you down.  Its awesome that you let others use it when they needed it most.  Unfortunately there is almost always someone that has to ruin it for the rest. 

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Sad state of affairs that people feel the need to steal what other have worked for. I can't help but think, If the door was locked you would be replacing it or a broken window. The Glass is half full...JJ

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Willie that is a disgrace that people could be that low.


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So sorry, I admire your restraint and making the best out of a bad situation!



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Willie, I'm so sorry for you having to endure the meaness of others, but I applaude your attitude and your willingness to provide for those in need.

God Bless You and your walk, Joe
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That is rough but my mother in law had a saying, maybe they needed it more than I do.


I believe that what goes around comes around and your generosity will bring more joy than sorrow.



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

So sorry, I admire your restraint and making the best out of a bad situation!




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Hi Willie, I am really glad that you didn't let it

spoil your weekend.

That I believe would have been a much larger loss.

Life has a way of evening these things out.

May God bless your attitude, never let anyone 

change that.



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A sad tale indeed.

I'm sorry to hear that you were robbed.

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My condolences on the robbery."Off with their heads!" I say! :icon_evil:
(Or maybe they were "Democratic Socialists" anticipating a Sanders win, just trying to eliminate the government-as-middleman"?) :yahoo: 

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Some people, looks like a well placed trail camera might be on the shopping list.





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Dang it man!!! That sucks,,, 



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Seems like a sad state of the times we live in now. The ones who did this probably don't feel the least bit guilty about it.
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