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Easter Feast - Updated

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So we are having the family over to our house for Easter Dinner.

I fired up the smoker for a Brisket and 2 Pork butts. There will be other things that others are bringing like ham and cheesy taters. I'll get pictures of them up later.

Here are the butts all rubbed and ready to party.

Here is the brisket taking a spice bath.

Here is the butt going into foil.

Here is the brisket going into foil.

Butts out.

Brisket out.

Butts pulled.

I haven't sliced the brisket yet but will post pictures of the whole spread when done.

I hope everyone has a great day with their families.

He is risen.
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I'll be watching Drooling already LOL


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Looks great Brian...nicely done!


Happy Easter!

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Man o man That PP looks so juicy!


Your family is going to be very happy with the cook!!


Can't wait to see the brisket!





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Wish I was there, sigh!  Great looking food--love PP.  Waiting for the sliced brisket qview.



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Looks great have a good visit

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Wishing I was part of your family,I would of loved some pp and brisky for Easter!
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Looks real tasty, very nice ! icon14.gif
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Nice PB Brian.  Point! b

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So here is the finished brisket

Here are a few other pictures of the meal. I didn't get pictures of all the pies but there were plenty.

Cheesy taters.
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WOW!!! Franklin who?


2thumbs.gif Everything looks perfect Brian!


....and here I thought you didn't even smoke.:biggrin:

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Brian the whole meal looks great thanks for sharing




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Your brisket looks perfect!!


Soooo juicy!!


What a great meal!


Thumbs Up



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Butts & Brisket look Awesome, Brian!!:drool-------------------:points:


Looks like all ate Well at your house!!:sausage:


Thanks for the Views!!Thumbs Up




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Thanks everyone. It was a good meal. Makes me love my RF more and more.
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Man oh man, I am just catching up on some of the Easter threads and this one makes me want to cook Easter dinner all over again!  Those butts and briskets were just glistening with juicy goodness!  Excellent meal!  Points!!

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