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Smokehouse questions/wanting some suggestions

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I'm going to build a smokehouse out of pine for the framing, then put cedar on the outside. For the racks I was going to use stainless grill grates but the price is going to be to high to buy enough for all the spots. So I am going to use oak dowels for the racks. Should I rub them down with veg oil or something before cooking? I will use the mailbox with amzps and an electric heating element... It's going to be build like an outhouse just open on the front top smoke comes in the bottom.. I want simple and not overly expensive... Anyone have any suggestions? Or cheaper place for grates? Will teflon coated grates work? I don't know if the salt will hurt them? If u go will the grates I want to use them in the fridge for drying and resting the meats as well.

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I would use edible mineral oil for coating the dowels...   Vegetable oil will grow mold etc... 


You can use cookie cooling racks inside the smoker, sitting on dowels...  There are used commercial SS racks on e-bay...   If you have a recycle place where folks dump worn out appliances, there are oven racks that work great....

I wouldn't use refer racks...  they may be cadmium plated...

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I agree with Dave. If your smokehouse is large enough, check appliance stores. They will have recycled fridges coming in and would most likely give you a good deal on the racks before dumping them.


Give us some pics when it's done,



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I thought about cooking racks... Will the teflon hold up to the salt in bacon to dry or will the salt react to it.

Oven rack would work, I might look for some of that...
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That's what I used, went and found some scrapped

kitchen stoves.

Those oven racks work great, if they are to wide

cut them off, grind them nice on the ends you're done.



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Send pics when you are done, I would like to see how you set up your smoker, as that is what I will be doing this spring. Thx.

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