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First time smoking wings

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I've avoided chicken wings for a while now because I hear it's tough to get the skin right. They have to be reverse seared on the grill or under the broiler, or deep fried, blah blah blah. But no guts no glory, right? Half of these guys will get Buffalo sauce, the other half will get an Asian style sauce with soy, chili paste, and honey. Using a Weber kettle with Smokenator, Hover Grill, Kingsford blue, and hickory. Planning on 250F for about 1.5-2 hrs. Wish me luck and stand by for updates.
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About 40 min into the smoke, I rotated the wingettes and drumettes. The wingettes started on the Hover Grill and seemed to be cooking a little better than the drumettes. It may have just been a perception thing because the rising smoke gave the top rack more color, or more likely it was because the wingettes are thinner and cook faster. I intentionally left a rub off these (aside from ~10 hr dry brine) so I could judge the skin color changes a little better. Gonna give these 40 more min, crisp em up over the coals, then sauce em.
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Lookin good
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Just finished grubbing. Sauce was applied at the table and the skin came out pretty good (some wings better than others). I would maybe dry brine overnight next time to dry out the surface a little more, and maybe smoke at a higher temp. All in all, today was a win.
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Any day that ends with wings & fries is a winner in my book!


Great job!!



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They look tasty from here!

One smoke at a time, I'm sure your next effort will be even better!


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