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Weldinga skillet?

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I have a 14" number 12 cast iron skillet that got knocked off the counter and a chunk broke off. I've seen a video of one being repaired, but other people say you can't weld cast iron. Any of you guys have any success welding a skillet? I have a 110 wire-feed welder. It's my favorite pan, so I would love to fix it.
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Have you tried JB weld?


I put my driveshaft together with this stuff.


I don't know if it would stand up to the heat though.



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My sister looked at this pan for me and said it looked like it was braised. The price was right and I wanted it for the fire so I told her to buy it for me.


How it looked when I got it.

How it looked when I took it out of my gas grill for cleaning.

Took it to a professional welder.


After seasoning, the nickel weld looked much lighter in color than the cast iron but now it is all the same color. I think I paid $50.

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