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Quick Saturday Chicken Cook

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Another practice run with my new offset, using a couple bone-in breasts.


The one on the left is a commercial bbq rub and the one on the right is Mrs. Dash. For each one, I mixed the spices with some melted butter and applied it underneath the skin and on top. I then added a some more spices over that, plus a little salt on the Mrs. Dash one. I started them skin side down, flipped them at 120 and basted with butter, olive oil and some raspberry jam through a squirt bottle at 140. Pulled at 161.



And after crisping them a little. I just held them over the coals in the FB for a few secs with a pair of tongs.



Ran the offset with the vents wide open, rather than door open. It went really well. I was really careful with adding fuel, making sure to keep a hot, airy fire. TBS for the whole time and really consistent temp range.


Have a great day!!

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Beautiful breasts!!! :drool:

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Those breasts look perfect!


Nice job with the new smoker!



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