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Nice Batch of Cheese

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Let me start with some praise first.

I ordered some supplies form Todd (A-Maze-N Products) because I was out and wanted to smoke some cheese this weekend (and other items). I placed the order Monday morning at 9:50 AM. By 10:05 I had order confirmation and shipping confirmation with a tracking number.


Everything arrived Wednesday afternoon. This kind of service cannot be beat. Thanks Todd!


OK so on to the cheese, I got everything cut up (yeah there is a joke in here but no) and in the smoker. This is 3 lbs of White cheddar, 4 lbs of Sharp Cheddar, 1 lbs Swiss and 1 lb Monterey Jack. My A-Maze-N Tube smoker going with apple pellets. Bottom shelf is a bunch of Pablano peppers just because and once this was going I thought what the hell and added 1 1/2 dozen hard boiled eggs (not pictured).

Three hours later. I will Vac Seal these today.


Rolling Smoke



Thanks for looking.


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Nice looking cheese!


The color is perfect!


Great job!



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Looks great Link!! nice batch you had there 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Nice looking cheese!icon14.gif
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I never thought about smoking cheese.I'llhave to try it.
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link that looks great wait till ya see the color develop.


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Looks good. Now for the wait. It will need 3+ weeks for the flavours to mellow. Let us know how it turns out Thumbs Up

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Thanks Guys. Wade waiting is the hardest part. I usually wait 2 months before opening it. I have found this is when I like it the best.

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I agree with you - it can be tough to wait. The smoked cheese I am selling now is about 3 months old. It started off as bog-standard catering mature cheddar but in the 3 months since it was smoked it has developed a lovely deep rounded flavour.

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Nice looking cheese, good color.

Got to try apple.



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