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Smoking Newbie

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Hi everyone,

Name is Steve and I am living in Columbia,SC. Been down south almost 10 years an j have recently picked up s new smoking habit...not cigarettes though. My wife recently bought me s Chargrill duo grill with the offset smoke box. Planning on breaking it in this weekend by smoking a turkey. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Here's a great turkey recipe for you!


I'm going to move this thread to the poultry section.


I think you will get more comments there.



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Welcome from the upstate, Steve. It's really good to have you on this great site. Spatchcocking is the very best way to go. I have two chickens on the smoker right now. If you spatch them, they will get done quicker and more evenly.

Good luck and post some pics, Joe
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I will look into spatchcocking...honestly never heard of it. I did load a pic of my turkey. Took about 6 hours at 250°. We will reheat it today for Easter dinner
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Excellent turkey q view! Makes me second guess the ham I smoked. . . For a few seconds anyway!

I love doing brick (Spatchcock) chicken on my Webber using indirect. However, I've never tried it with Turkey! You can't miss with Jeff's recipes.

Good luck!
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