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Brisket audition

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A guy at work asked me to do the brisket for his sisters graduation party in May. He's ate my leftovers many times but his dad is footing the bill and wants to sample it to see if it's worthy eek.gif
I don't even know if I'll have time, but he brought me a couple flats anyway to test out.
These were heavily seasoned with Tatonka dust, will get smoked on Yoder at 225 til I decide to go to bed, hopefully they'll be about 165-170 and the bark will be right. Then they'll get vac sealed and into the Sous vide at 135 for 24 hours. Then they will get shocked in ice water, fridged overnight and sliced cold. Then will be resealed and held cold til time to reheat.




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No experience in techniques you are talking about after Tatonka rub, but I'm in!
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Dang, that sound really complicated.

Is that how you always cook your brisket, or is this just for the audition thing?
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It's not complicated at all. I do them both this way and the traditional way, but this produces the best brisket IMO. If you look at my last post from last week it was a traditional brisket. Instead of wrapping in foil at 165 and finishing on the smoker, I vac seal it and finish in the water bath. It allows me to tenderize the brisket without going over 165, which results in a really tender super juicy brisket.

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OK it's bedtime, has smoked for 5.5 hours, temp in both chunks is 166. Sealed up and into the bath.




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Can't wait to see the sliced pics!



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These briskets turned out absolutely perfect. I even impressed myself on this one so I have no doubt they will be pleased. Gave him 3 options, thick sliced, thin sliced and chopped.






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Looks great, nice smoke ring!!



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Thanks smokinAl
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Looks delicious!
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Thanks Jayace
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I'll take a sample of all three!drool.gif
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I would love some of this. Points!



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wow, gorgeous looking piece of meat.. sous vide is a very fancy way of cooking. i admire cross between old school smoking and something as advanced as sous vide.

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I am liking it too. Smoke ring is a plus, you can get that using tenderquick too. I bet it was tender as all get out. Good to see this too. I cant wait to go to a bbq cookoff and show them boys how to bbq in hot water ...hahahahahaha. Have not tried your method on brisket yet but I have done the steak and it was spot on the money and good.



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late again.... Points for cool technique!
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